Our Story

Dream Alive University seeks to provide quality streetwear for everyone pursuing a dream, vision or divine revelation.

Dream Alive University was created as a way to inspire people with a passion towards making a difference with their life. Some people find it difficult to lock in and stay focused on their goals, crafts or purpose. I’ve been there myself. So we initially launched a t-shirt with a message that simple stated “Keep The Dream Alive”. We spent months selling online, mall kiosks, even out the trunk and received a lot of support from our community.

Over time our brand evolved into Dream Alive University because we know that the dream is free but the work is sold separately. It takes learning, growing and developing into the person that can handle the vision God placed in your heart. It takes understanding the values, experiences and gifts God gave you to see the vision He had in mind when He created you. “University” is to remind us that it’s a process of getting better and more equipped for dream ahead.

There’s a word in Hebrew called “chazown” (pronounced Khaw-zone) that I’ve grown very fond of. I had no clue of this word upon starting our brand but CHAZOWN literally means - dream, vision, divine revelation. Mind blown by it, this word is the very essence of our brand. We believe God has a specific dream, vision or revelation that is unique to you and what He’s created you to do. It may be as grand as the dream of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. that we’re still benefiting from today or it may be as subtle as wearing clothing that reminds people of their own dream. Whatever it may be we want you to Keep The Dream Alive.

Dream Alive University